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“I have been worshipping at the altar of your formulary for the last couple of days!  It has been a most helpful resource… I am glad to hear about the elephant book; there is so little information in print about ele vet matters”
Veterinarian, Australia

“Presently I am working under the aegis of Prof. R. Sukumar and Dr. Jacob V. Cheeran assisting them in the completion of the Comprehensive Manual on Captive Elephant Management.…thank you for providing the very useful elephant database and bibliography in your website… the image gallery is very interesting. It was really heartening to see Dr. Cheeran's contributions there.”
Veterinary graduate student, India

Dear Sir.
Thanks a lot for your help. I must do my best for world heritage.
Thank you again.
                                                       Veterinarian, Thailand


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Background   Mission/Goals/Strategies   Projects

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