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Conversion of Conventional Chemistry Units
to SI Units









The Système Internationale d’Unites (SI), or the International System of Units was recommended for use in the health professions by the World Health Assembly in 1977. It is slowly being adopted in the United States and many journals now require its use. The following is an abbreviated table of conversion values for some of the more commonly encountered tests that may now be reported in SI Units.


Albumin                      g/dl x 10 = g/L

Ammonia                    mg/dl x 0.5872 = mmol/L

Bilirubin                       mg/dl x 17.10 = mmol/L

Calcium                       mg/dl x 0.2495 = mmol/L

Cholesterol                  mg/dl x 0.02586 = mmol/L

CO2 pressure, pCO2 mmHg x 0.1333 = kPa

Creatinine                    mg/dl x 88.4 = µmol/L

Glucose                       mg/dl x 0.05551 = mmol/L

Lactate                         mg/dl x 0.111 = mmol/L

Magnesium                  mg/dl x 0.4114 = mmol/L

O2 pressure, PO2         mmHg x 0.1333 = kPa

Phosphorus                  mg/dl x 0.3229 = mmol/L

Protein                          g/dl x 10 = g/L

Urea Nitrogen                mg/dl x 0.7140 = mmol/L

Amylase                        IU/L = U/L

AST (SGOT)                 IU/L = U/L

ALT (SGPT)                  IU/L = U/L

Lipase                           IU/L = U/L

ALP                               IU/L = U/L

SDH (Sorbitol)              IU/L = U/L

 Bicarbonate, Chloride, CO2 (total), Potassium, & Sodium do not require conversion from conventional to SI units.


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