Elephant Protocols, Manuals, and Proceedings

Practical Elephant Management:
A Handbook for Mahouts

The copyright of this publication belongs to the
Elephant Welfare Association
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The publishers gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, United Kingdom for sponsoring several workshops and for the publication of this volume, for the infrastructure, facilities, and support provided by the Kerala Forest Department for the various training courses, and to Zoo Outreach Organisation for coordinating and facilitating various and publications.

The Publishers, Elephant Welfare Association, and Zoo Outreach Organisation on behalf of UFAW acknowledge the assistance of Ms Nibha Namboodiri who coordinated the several mahout training courses which led to the articles contained in this volume. Ms Namboodiri took copious notes on the practical lectures of the mahout trainers whose valuable traditional and practical knowledge otherwise would not have been available for use by others for training of other mahouts and management of elephants.


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