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Current Projects

Nepal Elephant Healthcare and TB Surveillance Program - assuring that Nepal will continue to have the patrol elephants and elephant-based tourism so important for protection of (and revenue for) its endowment of national parks and preserves.

Elephant Tuberculosis Initiative - surveillance and follow-up care for elephants and mahouts in Asia; research to improve diagnostics and treatment

Affiliated Projects
    Elephant Experts:
the first large-scale initiative to develop a vocational training system for Asian mahouts on positive reinforcement in elephant training and on health-improving management practices.

    Myanmar Timber Elephant Project at the University of Sheffield
Multi-disciplinary research group based at the University of Sheffield studying a large and unique semi-captive population of timber elephants in Myanmar.

Elephant Publications -

Resources for Elephant Professionals - This website with:

Past Projects

India: TB and Healthcare Evaluations - Supporting/advising on comprehensive medical evaluation and disease survey of 800 captive elephants in India by Indian partners
Africa: Alternative to Culling - Testing a new long-acting contraceptive

Sri Lanka: Saving Elephants by Helping People - Establishing alternative crops to provide sustainable livelihoods for villagers in areas of high human-elephant conflict

Sumatran Elephant Healthcare and Conservation - After 3 years of fieldwork, we are still fighting for change to save elephants in peril in Indonesia.

Additional projects -
small grants program, online elephant medical image library, PowerPoint collections on elephant healthcare, etc.


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