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Corporate Opportunities
Help make a real difference in a few special placesone elephant, one village, one environment at a time. 

Make your corporate online shopping count - Help elephants every time you shop. Office supplies and more. Click here and start shopping for elephants today!


Corporate Sponsorship:

This website is receiving 500,000 hits/year, the number is growing, and we have just begun to promote the site.  Consider your corporate message associated with our Adopt-a-Village project or sponsoring a website category like the Elephant Formulary, Forum, Elephant Bibliographic Database or even the entire website.  Or you could sponsor or support programs like the Alternative to Culling Project, our Elephant Tuberculosis Initiative, or the Nepal Tb Project.

Let's weave a dream together!  Dreamweaving* (see box below) has proven to be a valuable tool for corporations seeking to differentiate themselves from others and to reach new markets.  Think: These baby elephants could promote my corporation!  Beats "me too" advertising.

Other ways that your corporation could help:

Donate Free Ad Space in your corporate newsletter, website, or annual report.

Publish an article about Elephant Care International

Wish List   Please consider donating items on our Wish List like a used exhibit boothOne easy but valuable donation is air miles.  Much of our work is half-way around-the-world.  Your donation of travel miles could save us thousands!

Corporate Volunteers  Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organizations. This organization was started by two individuals who volunteered to move to Indonesia to improve the care of Sumatran elephants. Today, Elephant Care International could benefit from the skills of some of your employees.  Learn more.



* Michael Chandler is credited with inventing this term and promoting the benefits in his excellent book,  Dreamweaving: The Secret to Overwhelming Your Business Competition

"Dreamweavers don't think in or out of boxes. Dreamweavers think in circles . . . "

"This book reveals the key to building lifelong relationships between you, your business, and the people you wish to attract. Not through gimmicks, or come-ons, or price gouging, or other tired tricks, but from the building of emotional bridges so strong that no competitor can ever tear them apart. Bridges so powerful, so meaningful, they can be compared to a child's unconditional love for an adoring parent."

Dreamweaving is cutting edge stuff in the world of marketing, advertising and public relations. An entire chapter of the book is devoted to testimonial stories from businesses across the nation who are seeing staggering results through Dreamweaving. According to Pelican Publishing, "It is the marketing strategy of the 21st Century."
                                              - Michael Chandler

"The concept of dreamweaving has changed the way I think about the marketing I do. As a bank marketing director ..., I have found this to be the best and most valuable thing I do in any day of the week, month, year. ... after embracing ...dreamweaving in Spring 2001, our community bank has grown tremendously with 2003 being one of the best years we have ever had. The promises the book makes are not "hype". They are happening at our bank! Employees that are involved love it. Non-profit organizations have stopped asking for money and started asking for radio time!"
                                               - a banker in Alabama

"Dreamweaving builds an emotional bridge between your business and the community. It allows you to focus on the relationship with people first, and then the product."
                                               - a marketing professional in Minnesota

A personal note from the Executive Director of Elephant Care International
" This is a powerful marketing book.  If you would like to explore the concept of weaving a dream between your organization and ours, please share your thoughts.  I may even send you a free copy of Dreamweaving."
                                                - Hank Hammatt hh@elephantcare.org


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