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What can I do? Help make a real difference in a few special placesone elephant, one village, one environment at a time. 

Learn more about the threat of tuberculosis (TB) to today's Asian elephants.

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Each of us has something special.  Some are outgoing and make friends easily.  Others have worked hard and achieved financial success.  Some have special skills in art, writing, computers....  A few have spare time.

There comes a time when we want something more out of life.  We need to feel good about ourselves.  We need to do something worthwhile, with meaning.  We want to make a difference.  Each of us has the capacity to give of ourselves, in a manner that fits our circumstances.

There is nothing quite like working with elephants, though everyone cannot experience it directly.  But we can share our experiences with you.  Join us and help make a real difference in a few special places of this worldone elephant, one village, one environment at a time. 

There are many creative ways to help. We welcome corporate sponsors, guest speaking opportunities, free ad space, articles about our organization, volunteer proofreaders...  One easy but valuable donation is air miles.  Much of our work is half-way around-the-world. Your donation of travel miles could save us a thousand dollars or more!

We thankfully acknowledge those who support us. If you prefer confidential giving, please contact us. Thank you! 


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