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What can I do to help the elephants?  This is our "wish list."  There are many ways you can help. Thanks!

Think about this.  You know how expensive medicine has become.  Well, think about those costs magnified hundreds of times to realize what it costs to treat elephants!  So, give us a hand... Get Involved!

Wish List for Nepal's Elephants

One of our most important accomplishments in 2007 was establishing the Nepal Elephant Healthcare and TB Surveillance Program.  This program will be a model as other Asian countries begin to test and treat elephants for TB. To accomplish our goal of TB testing all captive elephants in Nepal and treating those infected, we need equipment, supplies, and medications.

 How can you help?

1. Place a direct order for any of the equipment or supplies on our list.

Have the item shipped to:
Elephant Care International
166 Limo View Lane
Hohenwald, TN 38462.

Please email or call us so we can acknowledge your donation and remove it from our Wish List.

2. Send us a monetary donation for a specific item.  Indicate which item in your correspondence. You may also donate online via PayPal or any major credit card. Partial donations to help underwrite the cost of more expensive items are welcome. We are a 501-C-3 so donations are tax deductible.

Note: Many veterinary supply companies will only sell to licensed veterinarians so for these items it best to send a monetary donation. 

You can read more about our TB here on our website - just follow these links:

ECI Elephant TB Initiative -  PDF Brochure about our surveillance and research program
Frequently Asked Questions
about TB in elephants
What We Do: a PDF slide show.


What We Need

Why We Need It

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How Many We Need

How Much They Cost


Rotors for the blood chemistry analyzer

To monitor blood chemistries of elephants receiving treatment. TB drugs are potent and can affect the liver.  This analyzer checks the function of major organs.

Abaxis VetScan Equine Profile Plus rotors # 500-0043



$20.40 each

Special Order call ECI at 1-931-796-7102 for help in ordering

Long culture swabs (25/box)

For collecting trunk samples  for culture

Tiegland-Jorgensen culture swabs 33 inch

Jorgensen Labs                1-800-525-5614 

4 boxes (25.box)

$65.00 / box


Short culture swabs

For collecting samples from everywhere else


Henry Schein

2 boxes

 50.00 ea

Special Order call ECI at 1-931-796-7102 for help in ordering

N-95 Masks

To protect elephant handlers, veterinarians, and other staff  from TB exposure

3M 1870 Type N95 Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask; 120 masks / case;  Item # 3M 1870-CS

Masks n More              1-405-340-8669

6 cases

$ 155.94 / case


Exam gloves

For blood draws and routine use by elephant handlers

Natural Latex Powdered Gloves 100 / box No. 18659M and 7BE 18659L

Lab Safety Supply             1-800-356-0783  

10 boxes size M 10 boxes size L

$ 7.80 / box     (7.40 for 10-19 boxes)


Heavy duty exam gloves

For vet and vet tech use during high risk procedures 

Qulaatex High-Risk Latex Exam Gloves  50/box  Large  No. 121848L

Lab Safety Supply             1-800-356-0783  

6 boxes

14.30 / box


Urine strips

For urinalysis 100 test strips / vial

Multistix Generic Urine Test Strips 100 / bottle

Amazon   www.amazon.com

2 bottles 

19.95 / bottle


Cryovials 2 ml (100/pkg)

Special plastic vials to store serum for ongoing studies

Fisherbrand  Internally Threaded Cryogenic Storage Vials  2.0mL; Round-Style Bottom with a Star-Style Foot    Order #  12-567-501

Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000      (accepts credit card purchases)


Pack of 100 for $40.61            Case of 10 PK for $347.11


Special Storage Boxes

To store the cryovials safely in the freezer

Fisherbrand Cryogenic Vial Storage Boxes Cover printed with 9 x 9 grid; Autoclavable; Stackable; For internally and externally threaded vials; For 1.2 to 2.0mL vials; Dimensions: 5-1/4L x 5-1/4W x 2 in.H.  Order #  10-500-28

Fisher Scientific 1-800-766-7000      (accepts credit card purchases)


Pack of 4 for $42.24;   Case of 6 PK for $216.60 


Storage bottles

Special storage bottle for biosecure transfer of samples

NALGENE® Wide-Mouth IP2 Bottle, 1000mL/32 oz., 24/case; Order # 28858

Lab Safety Supply             1-800-356-0783  

1 case of 24



Gram stain

Special stain for bacteria

BBL 3-step Gram Stain Set S
Order # B12533

Fisher Scientific         1-800-766-7000        (accepts credit card purchases)

1 set




Special wrapping film to secure lab sample tubes and containers

Parafilm M Laboratory Wrapping Film  Roll W x L: 2 in. W x 250 ft. L  Order # 13-374-16

Fisher Scientific         1-800-766-7000      (accepts credit card purchases)

1 roll



Disposable coveralls

Protection for staff during high risk procedures

DUPONT® Suprel® LS Coveralls, Large

Lab Safety Supply             1-800-356-0783  





Disposable bib aprons

Protection for staff during procedures

Tychem® QC Bib Apron w/ Serged Seams, One Size Fits All;  Order # 4388

Lab Safety Supply             1-800-356-0783  


$ 2.95 ea


Sleeve protectors

Protection for staff during procedures

Tychem® QC Sleeve Protectors w/ Serged Seams, One Size Fits All; Order # 4046P

Lab Safety Supply             1-800-356-0783  

1 pkg of 25 pair



Slide boxes for microscope slides

Safely store slides

Fisherbrand Color-Coded ABS Plastic Boxes for 100 Slides; )rder #  03-448-2

Fisher Scientific         1-800-766-7000        (accepts credit card purchases)

5 boxes

$20.66 ea


Tool chest

Store equipment

Kobalt Rolling Tool Chest Model  17181110; Item #: 1701






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