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Compassionate Elephant Care

Elephant Care International is leading a global movement in the holistic care of elephants living in captivity. Through our work we:

  • Organize and lead elephant health camps and clinics 

  • Work for improved elephant welfare

  • Provide direct hands-on care

  • Fight TB and transmission to wild elephants

  • Donate healthcare equipment and supplies

  • Provide emergency financial support to keep elephant healthcare professionals employed and elephants fed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Elephant Health Camp Nepal

Elephant Health Camps

Elephant Care International organizes health camps, which provide care to groups of elephants. Elephants are weighed and receive thorough physical exams. Blood is collected for general health screening and to check for TB. Fecal samples are screened for parasites.  Read more.

Working for Welfare

 Working for welfare can mean improving the life of one animal through direct care, facilitating positive reinforcement training, or improving the lives of many elephants through better regulations and standards. Read more about our welfare work.

Elephant foot care in Sri Lanka

Donating Equipment & Supplies

Knowing the actual weight of an elephant is important to correctly calculate drug doses. We have donated scales to elephant facilities in Nepal and Vietnam, as well as laboratory equipment, computers, foot care kits, and more to NGOs throughout Asia. Read more about other important equipment we have donated.

Weighing elephant in Vietnwm
Baby elephant

COVID-19 Elephant Healthcare & Welfare Emergency Lifeline

With COVID-19’s arrival, tourists have vanished from Asia along with crucial funds needed to support the health and welfare of elephants living under human care. As the months tick by under the uncertainty of this puzzling pandemic, resources and services are in short supply and elephants are in trouble. ECI has partnered with international NGOs to provide food, medicine, and veterinary care to hundreds of elephants in Thailand, Nepal, Laos, and India.  Read more.

Exploring New & Affordable Technologies for Elephant Care

Elephant Care International has a special interest in affordable technologies to enable veterinarians in Asian elephant range countries to provide better care. See some of the projects we are working on.

Elephant healthcare discussion
Two Asian elephants

Helping Elephants Beyond Asia

 Elephant Care International receives questions from veterinarians all over the world. Sometimes we are called on to provide onsite assistance – and we have traveled as far away as Russia. Closer to home, Dr. Susan Mikota assisted with the treatment of a 58-year-old zoo elephant that had a serious gastrointestinal impaction. It was touch and go but Ruth survived.  We published Ruth’s case in a veterinary journal (Greene, W., Mikota, S., Pitcairn, J., and Ryer, M. 2018 Clinical management of a complete gastrointestinal obstruction and ileus in a geriatric female elephant (Elephas maximus).  J.Zoo Biol. 02 (01):1-4).  Read more.

Helping Domestic Animals Too

After two water buffalo and a puppy died of rabies, we organized a rabies vaccination clinic with partners National Trust for Nature Conservation and KAT. In two days, we vaccinated 210 dogs and cats – both owned and strays. The strays would otherwise have been poisoned by strychnine.  Read more.

Rabies vaccination camp Nepal

Providing Direct Care to Elephants in Need

Sometimes individual elephants need our help, like Jun and Gold--two orphans we helped save in Vietnam as a partner in the Vietnam Elephant Initiative. Read more.

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