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Elephant Publications Database

Maintaining and updating a bibliographic database of scientific publications concerning elephants is an ongoing project of Elephant Care International.


As of September 2023, the ECI Database includes 6442 citations. Citations are mainly sourced from journals indexed by on-line search engines such as PubMed or SCOPUS although pertinent non-indexed information (such as reports, theses, and proceeding abstracts) is added when time allows (non-indexed materials must be entered manually). 


Bibliographies for select years or select topics are offered below. Abstracts are included for most citations. 


Please contact us if you have a specific request. We have pdfs of many of the publications. There is no charge for this service, although donations are appreciated and help support this and our field projects.


Annual Reference Lists 


Special Topics 

Additional information about elephants can be found in Gajah, the publication of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group. Most search engines do not include this journal. So only select articles have been entered into the ECI database. Gajah is open access and includes articles on a variety of topics. 

Baby elephant feet

Please consider a donation to help us maintain and grow our free database.  DONATE HERE!

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