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Professional Resources

Elephant Care International maintains open-access  professional resources to support elephant health and welfare providers and managers around the globe.

Orphan baby elephant

Hand-raising Orphan Asian Elephants Guidebook

From first encounter in the field to long-term care or release back to the wild, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide is for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, mahouts, caregivers, or anyone else involved with hand-raising orphan Asian elephants. It includes the most up to date scientific and practical information available from experts in the field. Click here to access the guidebook.

Elephant Publications Database

Elephant Care International maintains a bibliographic database of scientific publications concerning elephants. As of October 2023, the ECI Database includes approximately 6400 citations. Click here to access references database.

Baby elephant feet
Elephant foot xray Vietnam


Guidelines for general care; management of specific diseases and health issues; welfare documents. Click here to access protocols.

Pathology lectures Myanmar

Pathology Lectures

In May 2019, Elephant Care International organized a Pathology Workshop for elephant veterinarians in Myanmar. We are making this lecture series available for educational purposes. There are 19 presentations in this series. Click here to access the pathology lectures.


Elephant Care International maintains an extensive, free online database on elephant healthcare, welfare, and conservation formulary that includes a compendium of drugs and medications. Click here to access our formulary resources.

Elephant medications
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