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Equipment and supplies in the postmortem backpacks_edited.jpg

Donating Equipment and Supplies

Having the proper tools and equipment (and knowing how to use them) are essential to any job. Taking care of elephants is no exception. Through grants and private donations, Elephant Care International has provided scales to weigh elephants, laboratory equipment (microscopes, centrifuges, refractometers), computers, foot care kits, and more to facilities and veterinarians in Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Below are just a few examples.

Elephant postmortem backpacks and ECI team
Dr. Susan Mikota presenting a postmortem backpack in Myanmar

(Left & Above):  After our successful workshop “Pathology Training for Elephant Veterinarians in Myanmar” participants received backpacks containing donated tools and supplies for performing a postmortem examination.

Building an elephant footbath in Nepal
Elephant foot bath Nepal

(Left & Above):  ECI funded construction of a walk-in foot bath at the Chitwan Hattisar (stable) in Nepal to make it easier to treat foot problems. 

Freezer to store elephant serum samples
Elephant mobile lab Vietnam

(Left): We provided freezers in Nepal and Myanmar so that valuable serum samples can be stored for future studies.

(Above): Dr. Mikota with Dr. Chung and Dr. Thinh in Vietnam using the mobile lab equipment donated by ECI.

 How Do You Weigh an Elephant?

There are several methods to estimate an elephant’s weight, but knowing the actual weight is so much better especially for calculating drug doses accurately. We use a portable scale that can weigh up to 20,000 pounds. It has four stainless steel load cells and a digital display that is accurate to within 2 pounds. 

Weighing baby elephant Vietnam
Weighing elephants Nepal

(Left): We donated digital equipment and supplies needed to build an elephant scale at the Elephant Conservation Center in Vietnam, and oversaw construction onsite. (Above): Elephant weighing in Nepal using scales provided by ECI.

Please consider a donation to help us help more elephants.  DONATE HERE!

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