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Sri Lanka

In 2017, Elephant Care International’s Director of Veterinary Programs and Research, Dr. Susan Mikota, delivered hands-on field-based training to 21 practicing Sri Lankan veterinarians as part of the innovative new EleVETS Project.

EleVETS was created and funded by Hollis Burbank-Hammarlund of Work for Wild Life International, and developed and piloted in partnership with Dr. Mikota, and longtime ECI colleague, Dr. Ashoka Dangolla of the University of Peradeniya. The Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society provided in-country transportation support.

EleVETS included a 2-day workshop for local veterinarians with lectures on health issues of importance to elephants and practical sessions to give veterinarians opportunities to perform physical examinations, provide foot care, and conduct assessments of living and working conditions.

Workshop curriculum included:

  • Physical evaluation, including body condition assessments

  • Wound, infection, and abscess treatment and prevention

  • Foot care, treatment and injury prevention

  • Infectious diseases (TB and herpes virus) prevention and treatment

  • Non-infectious disorders

  • Behavior evaluation

  • Basic elephant pharmacy

  • Preventive health care: parasites, deworming, nutrition, vaccination

  • Working safely around elephants

  • Post-mortem examination

Following the workshop, the EleVETS team conducted a 4-day health clinic to provide immediate care for elephants in need and healthcare kits were distributed to all workshop participants.  

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