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One-on-One Training

Elephant rectal ultrasound

(Above):  Dr. Willem Schaftenaar demonstrates the use of technology to help evaluate the reproductive health of female elephants in Myanmar. Seen here with Willem are: Dr. Malaka Kasun Abeywardana, Veterinarian and Manager at Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home in Sri Lanka; Dr. Vanthinh Pham, Veterinarian at Daklak Elephant Conservation Center in Vietnam; Dr. M. Kamalanathan, Veterinarian at Wildlife SOS in India; and Dr. Chenda Oung - Veterinarian at Wildlife Alliance Cambodia Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia.

Elephant exam Nepal
Elephant foot care Nepal
Elephant field lab Myanmar
Elephant vet discussion Myanmar

(Above): Dr. Susan Mikota reviews blood results with veterinarians Sayer Ba and KoKo Latt at Green Hill Valley in Myanmar. Dr. Willem Schaftenaar is on the right.

Elephant lab Nepal

(Left):  Dr. Susan Mikota is with Dr. Amir Sadaula of the National Trust for Nature Conservation, examining an elephant in Nepal.      (Above): ECI's Nepal field support technician Barb Vincent shows students how to record lab results.

Elephant exam Nepal

(Left): Dr. Susan MikotaSusan with veterinary technician Mr. Giri worklng on foot care and (above) with Dr. Amir Sadaula in Nepal.

Elephant rectal ultrasound

(Left): Dr. Janine Brown runs lab tests with Dr. Htoo Htoo Aung in the field in Myanmar during a workshop organized by Sheffield University. (Above): Dr. Willem instructs on the use of rectal ultrasound in Vietnam.

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Below are just a few examples of our work to support the individualized training of in-country elephant healthcare professionals throughout Asia. 

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