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Baby elephant saved – with support of our Emergency Fund

October 31, 2020

Elephant Healthcare & Welfare Emergency Lifeline Fund Supporting the well-being of Asian elephants during the COVID-19 pandemic

Neonatal Ele-Care! A message from the hard-working Thai veterinarians in the field

October 27: “The new born calf is being closely monitored after we found dark red urination. Our Veterinary Team is concerned about possible internal bleeding. We have given the calf emergency medicine and performed an ultrasound today; we will continue to monitor the situation.”

October 31: “We have now stopped all medication, allowing mother and baby to bond. The baby is drinking as much milk as she wants, and we hope she will heal fully within a week.”

"We thank the Veterinarians from Chiang Mai University for bringing the equipment and helping us attend to the calf, and Dr. Weerapongse for his knowledge of Chinese medicine and supporting us!”

"Thank you to our Elephant Healthcare and Welfare Emergency Lifeline Fund donors and sponsors for continuing to support us during the pandemic!”

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