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New publications by Mikota and colleagues in 2018

Updated: Oct 21

Greene, W., Mikota, S., Pitcairn, J., and Ryer, M. 2018 Clinical management of a complete gastrointestinal obstruction and ileus in a geriatric female elephant (Elephas maximus). J.Zoo Biol. 02 (01):1-4. Read more here

Paudel, S., Mikota, S.K., Thapa, J., Lyaschenko, K. P., Gairhe, K., Dhakal, I.P., Subedi, N.,

Maharjan, B., . Subedi, S., Kaufman, G.E., and T. Tsubota, T. 2018. Serodiagnosis of elephant tuberculosis: a useful tool for early identification of infected elephants at the captive-wild interface. European Journal of Wildlife Research 64: 70.

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